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  1. Comparison between Bandizip & Bandizip 365
  2. Bandizip in comparison with other archivers
  3. How to use Multi-core Compression
  4. How to use the Finder’s right-click menu for Bandizip
  5. How to set Bandizip as the default app to open archives
  6. How to open RAR files on Mac
  7. How to open ALZ and EGG files on Mac
  8. How to use Extract Here (Smart)
  9. How to split a large file into smaller files with Bandizip
  10. How to view a list of files in an archive
  11. How to modify an archive without decompression
  12. How to set a password for an archive
  13. How to encrypt filenames in archives
  14. How to preview image, document, and music files in an archive
  15. How to use Bandizip's built-in image viewer
  16. How to move files to Recycle Bin (Trash) when deleting
  17. How to use presets when compressing files
  18. How to use Parallel Extraction
  19. How to use the Password Manager
  20. How to use the Auto Password
  21. How to use Repair Archive
  22. How to use the Password Recovery


  1. How to troubleshoot when codepage auto-detection doesn’t work correctly
  2. How to troubleshoot when Error 22 occurs and Mac Finder on Catalina can’t extract a ZIP archive
  3. How to troubleshoot when a split archive can’t be decompressed
  4. How to troubleshoot when an error occurs saying split archive files are needed
  5. How to troubleshoot when an extracted app file can’t be opened
  6. How to troubleshoot when it takes too long to open archives
  7. How to troubleshoot when a badge icon for files doesn’t appear in the Finder
  8. How to troubleshoot when the Finder displays for external volumes incorrectly in the sidebar
  9. How to troubleshoot when the right-click menu for Bandizip does not appear in a cloud synced folder
  10. How to troubleshoot when files are automatically extracted from archives downloaded via Safari
  11. How to use the right-click menu for Bandizip on Ventura
  12. How to troubleshoot when a file downloaded through Chrome cant be opened.
  13. How to troubleshoot when you archive files in an external volume on Sonoma but the archive does not appear
  14. How to change the Unicode normalization form used for filenames
  15. How to enable App Nap for Bandizip
  16. How to hide the services of Bandizip in the Finder's right-click menu
  17. How to troubleshoot when I can’t uninstall Bandizip
  18. How to troubleshoot when I can’t install Bandizip on the App Store
  19. How to request a refund for Bandizip that you bought from the App Store
  20. How to cancel a subscription to Bandizip 365